Simply build even the most complex display booths

With EverBlock® you can build nearly any size trade modular show booth and create corporate branding solutions that are limited only by your imagination. Using EverBlock, build intricate portable back walls, display niches, modular platforms, expandable podiums, ledges and all types objects. Run power within the exhibition booth wall for lighting, screens, and other accessories, or illuminate display walls with LED lighting strips to create dramatic visual experiences.

Room dividers and portable walls

Use EverBlock® to reconfigure spaces, divide rooms and organize flow

The universality of the EverBlock system allows you to create all types of accent walls, portable room dividers, and modular walls, to re-shape spaces and change the look and feel of your room.


What is STEM?

STEM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. It promotes a collaborative, hands-on approach to learning for students K-12 while focusing on these critical subjects and preparing children's minds for successful futures in these fields.

STEAM incorporates the disciplines of ART, Design and Humanities into the ideology of STEM learning by emphasizing creativity through problem solving and critical thinking.

EverBlock is the perfect complement to any STEM and STEAM program and stores compactly in the classroom for use.

Contemporary modular furniture and architectural pieces

Use EverBlock® to create modular benches, chairs, side boards, tables and bases for all types of objects. Utilize the extensive color pallet to meet design objectives and alternate colors for dramatic effect.

From modular plastic kids room furniture to mod architectural furniture, EverBlock lets you mix and match pieces and colors to create bright and durable modular furniture that can be modified at a later date as needs change.


Walls are created by staggering blocks in a brick pattern. Create in-plant offices and in-plant buildings and install standard windows, doors, lighting, and air conditioning units.



Team Building

Custom Objects and Creation

Garden Edging and Borders

Custom Structures